Top 30 Women of the Bible

By jsturgeon - March 20, 2018
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As you may or may not know, the Bible is filled with courageous and exciting women that God used to accomplish His will and plan throughout history.

Here is a list of our top 30 women of the Bible:


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One of the very few women named in the genealogies of the Bible, Sheerah was a respected woman of wealth and influence. She even had a city named after her. At a time when women had very little space to claim in society, she was an example of leadership as she held a prominent position of authority.


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Caleb’s daughter, Aksah was offered as a wife to Othniel, who became the first judge of Israel. She asked Caleb for land, and when he offered her a dry, parched plot, she went back—and asked for something better. Her insistence led to a better piece of land and a successful agricultural endeavour.


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A lesser-known woman in the Bible, Serah was the daughter of Asher, one of Jacob’s twelve sons. She lived a very long time, and her longevity allowed her to have a personal connection with the Patriarchs and gave her an important role in their lives. She even got to bring Joseph’s bones from Egypt to Canaan.


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This resourceful, clever woman was in a sticky situation—Tamar’s first husband and second husband died before she had children, and when her father-in-law Judah offered for her to marry his youngest son, he reneged on the promise. So she took matters into her own hands and got around the restrictions of her male-dominated society, tricking Judah into bed in order to respect a Hebrew practice and have a child.


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Jezebel was so deceitful and vengeful that her name is still used as an expression. Her reputation for wickedness followed her persecution of prophets of God, including Elijah. Her misuse of power brought a lot of suffering on innocent people. However, God heard their cries and used the situation to show that He punishes evil.


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Bathsheba was a beautiful woman and the source of temptation for David. She had an adulterous affair with the king and when she was found to be pregnant, David had her husband killed. She later became a loyal wife to David and the mother of Solomon, the wisest man in history. Her story shows that God can restore sinners who come back to Him.


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Delilah’s influence on Samson, a judge over Israel, was tragic and catastrophic. She revealed an intimate secret to Samson’s enemies: the key to her husband’s strength—his hair. As a result, Samson’s life was ruined. Her story shows how a lack of self-control can lead to a person’s downfall.


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Zipporah was in the right place at the right time. She ended up marrying Moses, and had to trust God had a plan when He called Moses onto a long and winding journey. She had to move her family and follow her husband all over the land. She had to be supportive when she didn’t always understand where God was leading them.


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Rahab was a very unlikely hero! She was a prostitute who hid and protected Hebrew spies in exchange for the safety of her family. She put her trust in the true God and chose to surrender her life to Him. She became an ancestor of David and thus, Jesus.


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Moses’ mother Jochebed had to let go of control of her life and the life of her child, choosing instead to surrender him to the will of God. Her faith allowed God to use her son Moses in incredible ways to lead the enslaved Jewish nation to freedom. He became an important prophet and lawgiver.


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In spite of Leah’s participation in a shameful trick to cheat her sister of a husband, God had a bigger plan in mind—and Leah was an important part of it. Her life was full of heartbreak and sadness, but her son Judah was the head of the tribe that produced Jesus Christ.


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Rebekah struggled with an empty womb for years, but her husband Isaac prayed for a miracle from God and the Lord blessed them with twins. Later in life, she created division after scheming to give her younger son the blessing meant for her older son. Despite those awful mistakes, God still used her in His plan.


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Abigail was a clever, humble woman who used her beauty and brains to courageously plead for the protection of her husband’s house hold. She moved David’s heart and her trust in God’s will gave her the courage to stand up to a king and beg him to do what is right.


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A lot of us can identify with this busybody who resented her sister for sitting at Jesus’ feet when there was a lot of work to be done. While Mary was resting by Jesus’ side, she was hard at work hosting—she had to learn to rework her priorities and value closeness and quiet presence over service.


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A servant to Sarah, Hagar was treated unjustly and unkindly. Given to Abraham when Sarah couldn’t conceive a child for him, Hagar finally had a baby. Subsequently, she was thrown out of her home by her jealous mistress. An angel promised a blessing on her after all that she went through.


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Rachel overcame the struggles of competition with her sister after being wronged by her father and cheated out of a chance at marriage. She stayed true and patiently waited for God to make things right—she waited 7 long years to get her due! But God was faithful and in the end, she got the chance to marry Jacob.


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Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist, and she also believed the vows of God concerning her barrenness. She believed God’s promise that she would have a son, even though she was well beyond childbearing years! She waited faithfully for the Lord and never gave up. And God made a miracle happen!


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This older woman is a pillar of humility and grace, and an example of biblical mentorship. Through her humble, faithful guidance, Naomi gave advice to her daughter-in-law Ruth. Her advice led to obedience to the Lord’s direction and the working out of a situation that is included in the lineage of Christ.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus

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Despite the risks to her reputation, as a young and unwed pregnant girl promised to Joseph, she accepted to be used by God for His plan. She surrendered her life and her plans to the Lord and that consecration was needed for God to do marvellous things! She paved the way for the arrival of the Savior.


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This young woman was the sister of Moses, and she saved Moses’ life. In doing so, Miriam showed intelligence and an impressive amount of courage and confidence. She also played a part in setting into motion the awesome, miraculous deliverance of Israel. What a powerful story to be a part of!


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She was known in the Bible as a wise prophet and a judge to Israel, serving as a zealous purveyor of justice. She had a reputation built on her wisdom and courage, used by God to guide the Jewish people when they were relying on judges to lead them.


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An example of courage, Esther bravely risked her life to save her people, the thousands of Jewish subjects who lived under an anti-Semitic king. She used her influence and access to the king’s ear to glorify God and do good for Him.

Mary of Bethany

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This lovely lady was a close, intimate follower and worshipper of our Lord Jesus. She was always seated at the Lord’s feet, even when there was busy work to be done—she was never happier than at the Lord’s side. She was a friend to Christ and a faithful companion throughout His short time on Earth.

Samaritan Woman

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She admitted her messy past and courageously confronted it after meeting Jesus. She is a reminder that we all have things in our past that we are not proud of, but God meets us where we are! This woman at the well was one of the first to evangelize and God used her to speak about Him and touch hearts.


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Hannah believed in God’s promises to give her a son, even after years of being barren. Through fervent, faithful prayer, she called out to God and He answered her request. He honoured her faithfulness!


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Eve was the first woman created and, as a result, the first wife and the very first mother! She was the first woman to come face-to-face with Satan and deal with temptation. Even after being thrown out of Eden as a result of her sin, she accepted responsibility and persevered in faith.

Mary Magdelene

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This woman was a faithful follower of Christ with a rough past. She was a former slave to demonic presence but was delivered miraculously by Christ’s power. With a thankful heart, she followed Jesus and was one of the first to announce that He is risen.


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Alongside her husband Aquila, Priscilla was a mentor to believers in the church and she took some important people under her wing. An effective teacher, she explained clearly to Apollos all about God. She was also known as a lover of the Gospel.


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In the Bible, Ruth was a widow who chose faithfulness and obedience to God in tough moments. She gave her idolatrous past and her life to the Lord. In return she was used mightily to change history and she was the great-grandmother of David, and one of the few women in the Bible who is mentioned in a genealogy.


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The wife of Abraham, despite some moments of doubt, Sarah was an amazing example of trust in the Lord. She had to show faith and obedience to God to leave everything familiar behind and journey to foreign lands. She believed and trusted God to keep His promises and provide a son.