Top 15 Reasons Why Voting Donald Trump Was the Best Decision You Ever Made

By jsturgeon - January 10, 2018
Credits: Source: Fortune

Ever since President Trump was sworn into office, it’s been clear that his legacy is a gift to our great nation and events have proven to be quite beneficial for our country and for the citizens in general. While there have been a few bumps in the road for Trump both politically and personally, President Trump has undeniably brought forth much change for the better. Here is a list of the top 15 reasons why voting for Trump was the best decision you’ve ever made:

Tough on Trade

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President Trump and his administrative leaders have worked tirelessly on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Trump has taken an aggressive stance on this, pulling in the reigns on rules in terms of origin places for many products, and working to alter the processes that are typically used for resolving conflicts between businesses and nations. His America First mantra will definitely benefit our country for years to come.

Pro-Life Champion

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President Trump’s stance on pro life justices was decisive and prevalent throughout his entire campaign, and continued to make an impact once he was sworn in. Within his first 100 days in office, President Trump took strides in defunding Planned Parenthood in the prevention of abortions, and crafting the Hyde Amendment, a permanent law which keeps taxpayers from funding said abortions.

The End of PC Culture

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This is where many citizens of our nation take favor in our President Trump, in that he rarely sides with the politically correct. President Trump, in fact, often takes the stance as the businessman that he is, stating the obvious while also making a point to say exactly what he means. In doing so, he gets his point across. This is refreshing for many individuals who often see the government as trying to beat around the bush, keeping the citizens at bay from the reality of the issues taking place. In short, Trump tells it like it is.

Tax Reform

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This may be one of President Trump’s greatest triumphs to date. The tax reform that is currently taking place in Washington will have a significant impact on the money that citizens, especially those in lower and middle classes, will be able to keep in their pockets. This tax reform addresses the available jobs in the nation. President Trump is cutting the red tape and regulation.

The Wall

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Whether you’ve followed President Trump during these months in office or not, at some point you have been sure to hear about the wall. One of President Trump’s greatest points during his campaign was his determination to build a border wall on the Mexican border of the United States, and he has followed through with his plans. Prototypes have been created for determining what will be most effective in keeping illegal immigration out of the nation and keeping us safe. It’s a matter of time before the wall becomes a reality.


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Throughout his short time in office, President Trump has been able to mend relations with China. This relationship took a turn for the better as threats from North Korea began to rise throughout the world. Your vote was put to great use here. President Trump is great at making deals and he will put an end to the lack of fairness between China and the USA.

Oil Boom

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Wonderful news coming from the Nation’s oil producing states! That means more economic activity, less reliance on foreign oil and more jobs! The voting in of President Trump has created a bullish environment for oil investors and companies and there’s no sign of it slowing down.  President Trump also has already allowed for many projects restricted by the previous administration and will continue to allow for more projects in the future.


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Statistically, immigration is probably a top reason you voted for President Trump and he hasn’t let us down. Whether it be the travel bans from terrorist-prone countries, or simply by working on immigration reform, President Trump has definitely made leaps and bounds above the rest in terms of reshaping the immigration system currently in place in the United States.

Stock Market

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So far there has been a significant rise in the stock market with no end in sight. It just keeps climbing. Some argue that this is not directly correlated to President Trump and the actions he has taken during his term, but you truly can’t ignore the fact that the Dow Jones has hit many all-time record highs while he has been in office. Less regulation and less government is definitely a factor with investors in the stock market.

Job Creation

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Statistics show that from February to August, there were just over 1.1 million jobs created from employers all across the nation. A major factor in this is the dismantling of Obamacare and the damage it caused to employers who couldn’t support the extra costs for employees. If that isn’t proof enough of the excellent work that President Trump has been doing while in office, we aren’t sure what is.

Travel Ban

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The controversy surrounding banning seven countries in which the majority of the population is Muslim is hard to ignore. But this will likely help to reduce the risk of terrorism throughout our country, in light of all of the attacks we have witnessed in the past few years. These bans are constantly being challenged in court, but if there’s one thing we know, it’s that Trump will not back down.

Ending The War On Christmas

Credits: Source: The Daily Beast

Tired of the politically correct “Happy Holidays”? You voted for the right man! During his campaign trail, President Trump vowed to end this war on Christmas, and has continued with this notion every step of the way. With the White House decorations revealed, Christmas was indeed in every nook and cranny of the estate, ringing in the celebrations. Trump even said “we can say Merry Christmas again!” in a recent speech as the crowd erupted in applause!

Standing up for Christians

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President Trump is a Christian himself and so many of his evangelical voters stand behind him every step of the way. He is able to see the Christian perspective and is a voice for Christians on what matters most. He is also well surrounded since Vice President Mike Pence is also an Evangelical Christian.


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President Donald Trump has also made many strides in Israel, officially naming and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the country. The Trump administration is also working to officially move the U.S. Embassy into the city in the next six months. This was a campaign promise that he focused on a lot. It’s great to see him come through on this.


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Following in suit with his stance on Christianity in the nation, President Trump has also taken to prayer quite frequently, both in office and in other circumstances. In fact, the President also established a “Day of Prayer” for Hurricane Harvey victims after the hurricane destroyed much of the area in Texas and Louisiana. He realizes that there comes a time when all you can count on is God’s guidance during the difficult times.