Top 10 Most Godly Presidents

By jsturgeon - January 09, 2018
Credits: Ronald Reagan

During their time in office, there have been some presidents who have been men of faith: men who put their faith as the number one priority when it comes to their family and serving over the people. We are bringing you our list of the top 10 Most Godly Presidents who have sworn in to serve and protect the United States.



George Bush

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Former President George W. Bush is a born again Christian. After beating a severe drinking addiction when he was just 40 years old, he turned his life around by recommitting himself to the Lord. His values were reflected both in his business life when governing the country, and in his personal life in regards to his wife and daughters. His faith helped him make crucial decisions during the events of 9/11 and when the War on Terrorism began.

Ronald Reagan

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Former President Ronald Reagan was a man who was strongly devoted to his Christian faith, and these beliefs helped to guide him as he led the country out of the torment that is Communism. He was able to apply his beliefs to the principles of governing the country and is so far arguably regarded as the most influential Republican President ever!

Donald Trump

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We are currently seeing all of the faith-driven decisions that President Donald Trump is making during his first term, and first year, in office. So far, he has made huge strides in regards to abolishing abortion, and has also named Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel. We can only wait and hope that President Trump continues to make these leaps and bounds with the beliefs of his Christian faith at the forefront.

Jimmy Carter

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Former President Jimmy Carter, who has also been referred to as America’s Most Famous Sunday School Teacher, allowed his faith to make a huge impact on his presidency. He showed this by creating a strict separation between Church and State within the government, while also making sure to respect other religions that are, of course, present within our culture. He has gone on to allow others to adhere to his beliefs in the form of devotionals, which he has written and released since his time in office.

George H. Bush

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Much like his son, Former President George H. Bush is also a man of faith. Having been raised Episcopalian, and retaining that branch of the Christian faith to this day, he used his values to help him lead the country while he was in office from 1989 to 1993. He also kept to his values when he served as Vice President under Former President Ronald Reagan, who was also an Episcopalian.

William McKinely

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Former President William McKinley, who followed the Methodist Christian beliefs, was a man who also planned to use his Christianity to guide others during the time of the Spanish-American War. Hoping to help educate others on the beliefs and principles of Christianity, not just within war, but also in the United States, he often used Christian-themed language within his proclamations and speeches, such as the Thanksgiving Day proclamation.

James Madison

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Former President James Madison, who was also a devout Episcopalian, often tried to keep a tight rein when it came to his beliefs influencing opinions and decisions within the government. However, he also seemed to have more liberal viewpoints on some aspects of theology in regards to the conventional aspects of Christianity at the time.

Abraham Lincoln

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Although Former President Abraham Lincoln quoted from the Bible and frequently attended services with his wife and children, he was never affiliated, or even joined, any specific Church. He never publicly announced that he was of the Christian faith, but it is clear by his actions and decision-making during his era that he had the compassion and influence from God.

George Washington

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One of our founding fathers, and our first President of the United States George Washington, would often attend several churches, although his specific religion was not clearly specified. He often, in fact, kept to himself in terms of his religious viewpoints, especially when it came to the government and other aspects of leading the country.

Thomas Jefferson

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Much like that of Former President George Washington, Former President Thomas Jefferson also kept quiet about his specific beliefs in terms of religious views. However, for the most part, Jefferson’s religious standings were often off the beaten path of traditional orthodox Christianity that was ever prevalent during that period of time.