Top 10 Melania Trump Outfits

Source: CNN

When you are in the public eye every single day, your style has to be at the peak of perfection. Such is the case with our First Lady, Melania Trump. The former model has graced us with her poise and sense of style as she has taken the political platform along with President Donald Trump, with each public appearance being met with excellent and sophisticated fashion choices. We are counting down the top 10 best outfits we have seen on Melania Trump thus far in the presidency. Let’s get started:


Lighting Of The National Christmas Tree

Source: Breitbart

This was an occasion to remember for many Christian citizens all throughout the nation. As we watch the President and his family continue on in his term, we are seeing more and more stances of Christian-based values, including that of ending the “war on Christmas”. For the National Christmas Tree lighting, Melania Trump wore a red Chanel coat, further demonstrating their celebration of Christmas and instilling that festivity into the White House once again.