Top 10 Funniest Trump Comeback Moments

By jsturgeon - January 15, 2018
Credits: Source: Punch Newspapers

Donald Trump isn’t just your regular president. The current President of the United States is very famous for his ability to tell it like it is. Whether it be during or after the campaign, his wrath has fallen upon everyone: both democrats and republicans, journalists, rival candidates, lawmakers and even famous musicians. Here are Trump’s top 10 funniest comeback moments:

George Bush

Credits: Source: CNBC

On June 16th, 2016, Trump said that “Bush didn’t have the IQ to be President.” He said this after George Bush charged a vets group for a speech Trump had made the same month on 9th. “You mean that the former president orders the army to go into combat, they incur injuries, and he wants $120,000 to give them a boring speech?” The first speech stirred lots of tension between the former President and Trump.

Numerous Comebacks to Hillary Clinton

Credits: Source: Time

Hillary Clinton faced most of the wrath of Donald Trump. Trump’s twitter account on the 16th of April retweeted’ “If Hillary Clinton can’t provide satisfaction to her husband, how can she satisfy America?” He never took credit for this retweet and claimed it was a member of his campaign staff was responsible for this.

Another One against Clinton

Credits: Source: Punch Newspapers

The following is another instance where Trump hurled another comeback to his rival Hillary Clinton. During an election debate, Hillary acknowledged how good it is that a person with the temperament of Trump isn’t in charge of the laws of the US. Her fans roared with laughter but Trump’s comeback shut them up. He responded, “Because you’d be in jail.”

His Confrontation with a Woman at a Campaign Event

Credits: Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

A young woman at a campaign event told trump, “I want to get paid same as a man, and I think you understand that. If you become president, will a woman earn same as a man?” He responded by saying, “You are going to make the same if you do as good a job.”

Megyn Kelly

Credits: Source: The Libertarian Republic

During a primary debate, Megyn Kelly confronted him concerning his comments about women. Unlike other candidates, Donald responded with, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.” Trump had previously referred to her as a lunatic, an overrated and lightweight journalist. Their disagreement goes back to August 2015 during an interview. She asked him to clarify as to why he insults women. His response was that, most of the times he’s usually joking.

The Media

Credits: Source: Business Insider

Second, after Hillary Clinton, the media received several insults from Trump. At one point, he referred to the media as scavengers. He engaged in an argument with a reporter because of using the term “anchor baby.” Trump has been on an unending war with the media. Our favorite is when he called CNN “fake news” during a press conference.

NBC Reporter Katy Tur

Credits: Source: People.com

In an interview at NBC, as Katy was struggling to articulate a question about illegal migration. He said, “Come on, try getting it out. I don’t know if you’re going to put this on television, but you don’t even know what you are talking about.” The reporter was humiliated, and it could be seen on her face. You come into Donald Trump’s kitchen, you’re going to get burned.

Anderson Cooper

Credits: Source: Slate

After a serious interview with the CNN anchor, Trump tweeted about how his time was wasted by Andersons’ interview. Explaining on how he uses silly headlines like, “Tim O’Brien – dumb guy with no clue!” On July 22nd. Even during the interview, he burst out to Cooper that the people don’t trust him and the media.

Bill Cosby

Credits: Source: Time

Trump openly admitted that he thinks the sexual allegations against the artist are true and that Cosby should admit them. In a radio interview in July 2016, he admitted that he knew him and didn’t like him. He also added that the guy is overrated, regarding talent and many other ways.” When Trump was accused of similar sexual allegations like Cosby, he vehemently denied and did opposite of what he had advised Cosby to do.

Lindsey Graham

Credits: Source: Post and Courier

At one of his campaign speeches on 21st July. Trump said that Graham couldn’t get a job. He shared his mobile number and explained how Graham pleaded with him to help him get to Fox News. He even referred to Graham as a beggar. Sen. Lindsey had earlier tweeted that Trump doesn’t fit to be the president of the US.