7 Reasons why you should pray for our President

By jsturgeon - January 10, 2018
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As a Christian, knowing what is right and wrong may not be as simple as it appears. Now imagine running the most powerful country in the world. Many American presidents have been Christians who believe in the power of prayer. Here are the top 7 reasons why we should pray for our President:

Protecting our Faith

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One reason that should make us pray for our current President is that it’s linked to following the gospel. The president is the overall leader of the military, which in turn is responsible for protecting our borders. It means that we need to pray for our country’s leadership, which will ensure we live a peaceful and prosperous life.

Enables Us to Live Well

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The presidency is a high position, which means that its policies have a direct effect on us. Ensuring that we dedicate our prayer to the wellbeing of the President will enable us to live a quiet and peaceful lifestyle which is dignified. Remember that the role of the government is to carry out justice.

It is What God Requires Us to Do

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Praying for our President is what God requires us to do. Prayer is communication with God and when we pray for anything we build a stronger relationship. Praying for our nation’s leadership means that we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Leadership Should Be Prayed For (1 Timothy 2:1–4)

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The Bible declares that prayer, intercession, petitions and thanksgiving should be made for all people, which includes presidents and other people in authority. The result is that we’ll live in holiness and peace. Crimes against the people should be punished, but we should not live in fear as long as we live in right conduct.

Opens the Eyes of Our President

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Praying for people in leadership positions ensures that they change their ways, for example, if they are in the habit of making wrong decisions. God will help guide them in making decisions.

Leader's Salvation

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Unlike our current President Trump, not all presidents have been Christians. However, whether or not they believe in Christ, we should pray for them to guide us. We should pray for the President to be wise, discerning and be surrounded by thoughtful advisors. That’s because we know that it’s God who has placed them in positions of authority.

Pray For His Protection

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We need to pray for the spiritual and physical protection of our President. We should pray for him to have the strength and remain encouraged to implement his vision. The President’s family also needs prayer, as they might often feel scrutinized by the media and people.