29 Reasons Why America is the Best Country in the World

By jsturgeon - January 15, 2018
Credits: Source: State Symbols USA

There is no doubt that we have seen good times and we have seen bad times in our country. There are so many amazing things that truly make America so unique and one of the best countries in the world today. Regardless of how you view the country and all the aspects in between, there is always something positive that comes from it. That’s why we are counting down 30 reasons why America truly is the best country in the world.

Melting Pot

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One of the greatest reasons why America is so wonderful is the fact that it is so diverse. There is a mixture of various cultures and ethnicities everywhere and it allows us to prosper with amazing opportunities and relationships regardless of any differences we might have with each other.

Our Current President

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With President Trump’s current term in office, we are seeing the most significant increase in the economy for the first time in years. We have also seen much progress in terms of a presidency that is truly listening and respecting the needs of the American people. President Donald Trump is indeed “Making America Great Again”.

Free Speech

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We can thank our founding fathers for their contribution over 200 years ago that has allowed us as American citizens to be able to say what we want, and indeed have, a voice in matters regarding how we believe the country should be run. In America, every opinion matters, regardless of any differences that we might see. You can actually say whatever you want – it’s your right!

Our Military

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The land of the free, because of the brave. Our military is always hard at work protecting our country. Our country also shows compassion by helping so many other countries all across the globe. Our armed forces have proven to be a genuine leader in the world today.

Land Of Opportunity

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There are so many individuals who come to our country with literally nothing. They find that they have more opportunities here to grow and prosper, to learn and work hard toward goals that potentially lead them to greatness, and to the American dream that so many people achieve.

The Food

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Of course, with a melting pot of cultures throughout our country comes amazing food! Although it may not be the same as tasting similar dishes abroad, you can’t help but love our many one-of-a-kind dishes that you can only find in destination cities all over the United States.


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This is a big one for the United States. We embrace and have never faltered when it comes to how our government is run. It should be determined by the people who are living in the country and working their tails off for the country every single day. The ability to have this freedom to vote and to determine the democracy within our government makes America truly one of the greatest places to be.

Making A Career For Yourself

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In the land of opportunity, it is also possible to pursue any type of career or occupation that you set your mind to. Whether you prefer to work for a corporation, or a local business, or whether you want to test your skills in your own entrepreneurial goals, there are truly no limits.


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Throughout many generations, we have seen time and time again the innovative progressions that America has developed to help the country and its people prosper. As the years go on, we see more and more of these technological inventions and other inventions coming about to help make the lives of citizens easier.


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America is a country that is a leader in the art of consumerism – and proud of it! Ever heard of Black Friday? We thrive in producing products for trade as well as bringing in products from other countries as well. This consumerism helps our country to prosper financially, and to develop excellent trading partnership with various other countries.


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There is no doubt that the United States is truly beautiful. The fact that our country spans across an entire continent, from sea to shining sea, allows for many different areas and landscapes to enjoy and cherish for many years to come.

"The American Dream" Made Reality

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Many individuals who either make their way to America or are born and raised in the country always strive to eventually live “The American Dream”. The idea of getting an excellent education, a career, having a family and a well adjusted lifestyle is what we all work hard for every single day, and for the majority of the population, those dreams become a reality.

From The Ground Up

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If we dive deep, way back to the beginning of the history that is America, we come to realize that our country was literally built from the ground up. It was based on the foundation of having a free land, of having that freedom and liberty. Different cultures merging together with the same goal of finding freedom and living the life they knew they deserve. It’s truly remarkable to reflect on.

Standard Of Living

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When comparing the United States to other countries across the world, it is clear to see that the standard of living here is quite amazing. Regardless of the lifestyle you live or the “class” that you fall under (lower, middle, upper) the quality of living is sustainable. Even if you don’t have much money to your name, you can be guaranteed clean water, shelter, and food.

Social Equality

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America is one of the countries in the world that is progressively moving toward having a social equality status that is balanced and acceptable to the citizens. Although the work is never done to reach and maintain this goal, we are always one step closer to reaching those equal rights in the social aspect.


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There is no doubt that the majority of the population is hard-working. The American people are working their tails off day in and day out in order to reach that American dream of having stability, and supporting our families. There can be a job for everybody here, and the work ethic proves the motivation that we see on a daily basis.

Work To Prevent War

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As we mentioned before, the United States has a wonderful military service. Our armed forces work to be compassionate and to help other nations while also working to protect our own people. This is often shown in our attempts to prevent war and outbreak within our own borders, and helping countries to eliminate that threat as well.


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America is one of the most generous countries in the world. We do not hesitate when it comes to helping our allies financially and with military help as well.

Living Longer Lives

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The United States is filled with some of the best medical facilities and physicians that you can find anywhere on the globe. As a result, the progression that the medical industry has made over the years has led to longer life spans and healthier citizens overall.  

Freedom Of Religion

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Just the same as the diversity in culture and ethnicity, we also see a diversity when it comes to religion as well. Because the United States allows for the freedom of religion, we see many individuals having the ability to practice the beliefs that they choose to follow, without all of the judgment that can potentially follow at times.

Educational Opportunities

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America is also the land that is bountiful with educational opportunities for students of all ages. Regardless of what you are working toward, there is an educational path that is right for you, whether it be a four year college, or even a two year program to begin working in a career immediately. There are no limits when it comes to gaining an excellent education.


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Our country has the heart and soul needed to continuously help others. We show this compassion through many different facets, whether they be via the military, or financially aiding our allies. There is no doubt that compassion is an important factor for the United States and its foundation.

Progress In Equal Rights

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America is progressively working toward social equality for all, and this also includes equal rights for each individual that resides here. Equal rights are necessary for a prosperous country, and we are getting closer to that goal each and every day.

Ability To Accept Our Mistakes

We are no strangers to fault. We have made mistakes throughout the course of our history. The beauty of making mistakes, however, is that you can learn from them and grow from them. The United States has also worked hard to right the wrongs that have been committed, and to continue to learn and grow from those mistakes as well.

Try To Create World Stability

Along with showing compassion and generosity to other nations all around the world, the United States tries its best to create world stability. This is obviously shown by our presence in preventing war from continuing or occurring, and one day, we do hope to reach that stability for all.

Competitive Nature

There are many individuals who are just competitive by nature, and although not a person, so to speak, America has that competitive nature as well. We strive to always be the best, to be a superpower among other nations in the world, and we often see that determination pay off in many different aspects.

Creative Expression

Throughout many decades, and more importantly, in more recent times, we are seeing more and more creative expression being shown throughout our nation. There is no cap when it comes to creativity and using your freedom of speech to express your opinions; That’s the beauty of it. This creativity allows us to be unique as a nation, and to embrace those unique aspects all the same.

Leader In Exploration

We have proven time and time again that we are one of the leaders when it comes to exploration and discovering new frontiers. Whether it be traveling into space, to the moon and back, sailing and diving throughout the deepest depths of the oceans, or diverging into the wilderness of the forests in our country, there is always something to learn about and discover.

Advancements In Technology

We have seen this come into play mostly after the new millennium, with major advancements in regard to computers, smartphones, and the internet. This technological advancement allows us to enter the digital fields with a whole new perspective, and we will only continue to learn more as technology develops into greater detail.