15 Times Donald Trump Stood for Christian Values

By jsturgeon - January 15, 2018
Credits: Source: Mashable

Since our President has taken to office, we have seen time and time again the stance that President Donald Trump has taken on his Christian values, and how he is applying them to his decision-making process. Here are 15 moments so far in his term when he has clearly stood for the Christian values of citizens everywhere in the nation, and how they have impacted our nation thus far:


Credits: Source: Business Insider

President Donald Trump made the announcement that Jerusalem will indeed be named the capital of Israel, and that the U.S. Embassy will be relocated to the city in due time. Although this has caused controversy between Palestinians and the Jewish community, this was a prominent step forward for pro-Israel Christians.


Credits: Source: The Daily Beast

From the very beginning, even into his campaign, President Trump has been adamant about his plans to take abortion on as an issue. Since taking to office, he has kept his word, already making strides in defunding Planned Parenthood in the effort to begin preventing taxpayer funded abortions across the nation. We can only hope that these efforts continue, and that one day, abortions will be completely illegal in the country.

Liberty University Speech

Credits: Source: NPR

Back in May 2017, President Trump delivered the commencement speech at Liberty University to the graduating class. During his speech, he relayed that their successes in graduating and completing their degrees, as well as him succeeding in becoming the President and being able to lead this nation, was all by the grace of God. He further says that in order to achieve those goals that we have, we require God, and require His love for us.

Johnson Amendment - Religious Freedom

Credits: Source: Vox

One notion that has been in the works by President Trump and his administration is an executive order of religious freedom that is meant to completely abolish the Johnson Amendment altogether. This executive order, if completed and passed, will help to draw that line between Church and State, making it possible for churches to take a political stance toward government policies and so much more.


Credits: Source: The Nation

We have seen time and time again the use of prayer throughout specific moments during President Trump’s term in office. One great example of this includes the Day of Prayer that President Trump established in light of the significant hurricane damage after Hurricane Harvey hit, causing severe damage in both Texas and Louisiana.

Response To Pope

Credits: Source: Time

Back during President Trump’s campaign trail, Pope Francis called out the now president, saying that he questioned his Christianity. Of course, Trump immediately fired back, saying it was disgraceful for the Pope to question his faith, and confirmed that he is a proud Christian man.

Prioritize Christian Refugees

Credits: Source: USA Today

In January 2017, Trump went on record saying that Christian refugees will take precedence over other refugees who are to enter the United States. His reasoning was that they have been persecuted and horribly treated because of their religion. He did go on to say that in the case of a Muslim seeking refuge, it may take a bit more time to get into the country.

Bringing Back Christmas

Credits: Source: LA Times

The 2017 holiday season brought on what President Trump referred to as the end of the “war on Christmas”. He made swift efforts to bring back the idea of wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, restoring the non politically correct language and holiday into the White House once again.

Value Voters Summit

Credits: Source: Southern Poverty Law Center

Back in October 2017, President Trump spoke at the Value Voters Summit. During his speech, he went on to say that Americans worship God, not the government. President Trump was met by a roar of applause, and it is clearly seen how he is putting his values at the forefront of his presidency.

First Interview as President

Credits: Source: Youtube

Back in late January of 2017, President Trump sat down for one of his first official interviews after being sworn into office, which was with the Christian Broadcasting Network. During the interview, he stated that he always felt the need to pray, and that because the political office is so powerful, he needs to rely on God and His guidance when it comes to decision making.

Asking for Blessings

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In the wake of all the major events and terrorist attacks that have been occurring all across the world, President Trump was quick to take action. In the light of the strikes in Syria, for example, President Trump called on God to help bless those who were affected by the strikes, and for all others in the world during this time of cruelty and hatred.

Trump's Administration

Credits: Source: Slate

President Trump is not the only one making strides in standing up for the values of Christianity, but he is also shedding this light through those in his administration. His Vice President, Mike Pence, is also a devout Christian, sharing the same values as the President. Another example of this is his choice for the lead of the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos, who has stated that her ultimate goal working in the administration and for the nation is to advance God’s kingdom.

Church Attendance

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The First Family has been seen attending several churches in the area. Regardless of whether it was holidays, national Days of Prayer, or any other significant reason, the Trumps were in the pews and celebrating their faith with other devout Christians.


Credits: Source: Business Insider

In the wake of his travel bans that were established during the year, President Trump saw how this could immediately affect those who are involved in Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). In fact, after his ban was put in place and set before Congress, President Trump asked Congress to have a sense of compassion for the DREAMers (another name for the DACA recipients). This would allow for those children who came to the country during their adolescence to stay and continue with their education, and so forth.

Justice Neil Gorsuch

Credits: Source: Vanity Fair

In June 2017, President Trump swore in Justice Neil Gorsuch into the Supreme Court. Justice Gorsuch is a firm supporter of religious freedom, and the religious rights of the citizens of the United States. He is also a pro-life advocate, and follows similar Christian beliefs as those of President Trump and his administration. The Christian community was overjoyed with the decision to swear Justice Gorsuch into the Supreme Court, and the quick efforts he has made in the last few months have been ever prevalent among citizens as well.