15 Reasons our Bill of rights Should be protected and never altered

By jsturgeon - January 14, 2018

The United States prides itself on the ability to be free, to have our rights and to have liberty for all individuals. We abide by our Bill of Rights, which was produced by the government over 200 years ago. Since then, we have never attempted to change or alter it in any way, shape, or form. Without these rights, we would not have the freedoms in the same way we have them today for obvious reasons. Here are the 15 reasons why our Bill of Rights should be protected and never altered in any way:


Individual Liberty

This is, of course, the cornerstone of the Bill of Rights and one of the most important ones. These amendments allow for us to have, in writing, our well deserved and necessary rights for all to see and adhere to.

The Significance of Government

The other very important reason why the Bill of Rights is so crucial is that along with deliberately pointing out our rights, it also changes the significance that the government has when it pertains to the people and how the country operates.

Political Affairs

Having this Bill of Rights within our Constitution, especially in our society today, helps us pay more attention to the various political affairs that are happening each and every day. Because of our democracy in America, we are able to feel as though we have more of a voice within our government, and the political system, on another level.

Government Power

One of the most important ideas that came from the Bill of Rights was the fact that it limits the power of the government over the people in America. This is truly what a democracy is all about, abiding by our freedoms and not having to succumb to an absolute ruler, which in our case is the government.

Supports Public Understanding

Because we have our amendments and rights subconsciously in the back of our minds day in and day out, we are able to genuinely have a better understanding and more of an opinion on the matters that are affecting our political system as well as our country. Time and time again, the Bill of Rights proves itself as a respectable and all-important document that we need to keep our country stabilized.


Our Bill of Rights, our amendments, are clearly spelled out for us and have been for centuries. By this time in our society, we can count on these rights, and in turn, we are able to be more accountable for our actions, and for the actions of the government as well.

Limits State And Federal Government

This was an important factor that played a major role when the Bill of Rights was first being written. Initially, the Bill of Rights only pertained to limiting the role of the federal government in the country, as they assumed that the states could handle their own rules and regulations back then. However, this also became law that pertained to the state governments as the 20th century rolled along, allowing for our rights to be protected from each form of government we deal with.

Balances Control

Along the same lines as limiting power, the rights that we have and deserve allow for our democracy-based government to maintain a certain balance. There is always a give and take in the political system, and in this case, limits government power while giving the American people some of the power they deserve.

Suppresses Internal Fears

There is always a lingering fear in the minds of the American people that the government will change, that we will lose our voices and our stance within the country, and that we will never get it back. As of this point, and for many generations before us, our Bill of Rights has protected the people and calmed these nerves that we may have.

Center Of Our Political System

Our Constitution, without a doubt, is the absolute center of our political and government system. Every aspect of that Constitution drives our every decision, our every law, our every move within the country, and because of our Bill of Rights, we also feel that we are at the center of this system with a voice that needs to be heard.

The Foundation For Equality

In our society today, we strive for equality for all individuals, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else. Our Bill of Rights allows us to have that first step in creating a foundation for complete equality for everyone, as these rights apply to every single individual in the country.

Honors Our Rights

Along the same lines as limiting the power of the government, these authoritative figures who lead our country every day must honor our rights. Regardless of opinions, regardless of the decisions that they believe should be made, the rights of the American people must be honored in every circumstance according to the Bill of Rights.


Thinking for Ourselves

We all strive to be able to make our own decisions and define the path for our own lives. Our Bill of Rights and the amendments that are found within them allows for this ability to think for ourselves. We are able to voice our own opinions, and do a majority of the things that we want to do without feeling as though we will be reprimanded for such.

Prevents Implication Of Political Power

When we think of the government and the leadership in the political system, we often think that one of their main goals is to feel as though they have the absolute power. In some circumstances, yes, the government does get the final say in all matters. However, the Bill of Rights keeps this power in check, and prevents any implication that the government gets a say over these rights that we have.


Allows for Adaptations in Regulations

Of course, as our society continues to change throughout the generations, so does our government and political systems. Although these rights that we have been blessed with are set in stone within our Constitution, there is some leeway for adaptations within some of the regulations and policies that are passed within the government.