14 Reasons Donald Trump Will Win the 2020 Elections

By jsturgeon - January 14, 2018
Credits: Source: Time

As we have clearly seen in the first year of President Donald Trump’s first term in office, he is most certainly a force to be reckoned with. He has come with his fist held high when working to accomplish all of his goals and campaign agendas. With that said, there are many reasons why President Trump will definitely win a second term in office come the 2020 elections. Let’s take a look:


Christian Values

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President Donald Trump has clearly put forth his Christian values and viewpoints at the center of his presidency. He has made a commitment to better the lives of his citizens one step at a time, and with God and prayer being the top priority. We have seen these stances in a variety of ways, including his movements on pro-life and his recent decisions on Jerusalem. This will definitely appeal to the number of Christians who voted for him in the first election.


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Trump is no stranger to hard work and determination, and we have seen that demonstrated with his accomplishments in his goals and agendas he is working toward. With a tax reform and travel bans set in place, we are seeing goals be met day after day in this presidency. He said he knows how to make deals and the American people will remember this in 2020.

The Incumbent

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This is more of an obvious reason why President Trump will be re-elected in 2020: he is the incumbent. He already has a leg up in the race, as many other former presidents have had before him. As the incumbent, he is able to use his first term to show the American citizens exactly what he is made of, and get the job done that he needs to get done. He can let the record speak for itself.


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As we have seen on many different occasions, President Trump is sincere about his devotion to God, to his people, and to the country. He has shown his true patriotism in many different lights, and although sometimes they might not always be agreeable with every individual in the nation, he is genuinely making the effort to “Make America Great Again”.


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We all know from decades past that President Trump is an intelligent man. He knows how to make business and executive decisions, and how to create prosperity. The same intelligence is needed when leading the country into greatness. His intelligence is demonstrated as the country is doing well economically for the first time in many years.

The Big Issues

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President Trump has been working diligently to tackle the big issues that he promised to work toward during his campaign in 2016. We have seen these strides in items such as the border wall, travel bans on “majority Muslim” countries, defunding Planned Parenthood, and now with the tax reform that is taking shape. CNN even sheepishly admitted that Trump was keeping most of his campaign promises.

The "Silent Majority"

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Many Americans are referred to as the “Silent Majority”. These are the regular, working people who aren’t often portrayed in entertainment or the mainstream media. They will once again vote for President Trump to serve in office come 2020. They stood beside his campaign and his other agendas the first time around, and will follow the same suit when the re-election race returns.

Social Media

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As we have often seen, President Trump is very prevalent on Twitter and other forms of social media. Although to some it may seem annoying or unnecessary, it actually gives President Trump a step ahead in the upcoming race in 2020. He is able to reach a multitude of American citizens via these social media platforms, and that allows for him to appear like he is speaking one on one with these citizens about the efforts he is making or planning to make within the country.

Democratic Chaos

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This is a major reason why President Trump will most certainly win in 2020. Ever since the political “upset” that arose from Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016, the Democratic party has been in utter turmoil and further chaos in the political system. Because of their hostile and otherwise divisive tactics they are using to make President Trump “look bad” to Americans, they may actually be doing more damage to themselves and their political party. This will in turn give the President a major advantage when the time comes to begin his campaign trail once again.

Economical Improvement

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We have clearly seen throughout these first few months of his first term in office that the economy has been doing increasingly well. The stock market has jumped to a new record high, gas and oil prices have seen a significant decrease, and unemployment rates have gone down as well. This only shows that President Trump’s plans and ideas are working, and we are “Making America Great Again”.

Gets The Point Across

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As we have seen in many different examples, President Trump is a man who likes to get to the point, and further doesn’t like to dance around any subject. He is firm in his beliefs, and stands his ground when it comes to getting the job done and getting his goals accomplished. This has obviously proven its importance for the country and its citizens as President Trump is achieving goals and sticking to his word with every instance that has come his way thus far.

Promotes Positive Agendas

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On a similar note, President Trump is not one to reflect greatly on negative viewpoints, especially from those that come from the Democratic party. Instead, he focuses his attention solely on the task at hand, whether that be tax reform, defunding abortion efforts, or working to improve his travel bans and plans for the border wall. His focus and drive to regain prosperity in the country sets him apart, and speaks ever clearly to the American people.

Attitude Towards Country And Citizens

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As we have also mentioned before, President Trump is an excellent example of someone who has their priorities set straight. He is genuine with his intentions, shows his patriotism and devotion to his country and its people, and also knows that he can’t do this alone. He keeps his faith as a top priority, and focuses his attention on the betterment of the country wholeheartedly.

No Competition ... Yet

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Although it is only the first year of the Trump presidency, there is no Democratic politician who has stepped forward to compete in the 2020 election with actual potential to win. After Hillary Clinton’s huge political loss in the eyes of the Democratic party, they have, as we said before, fallen to chaos. Some speculate that Bernie Sanders will once again run for President.