14 Issues You Need to Be Praying About in Our Country

By jsturgeon - January 11, 2018
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We are seeing so many hard times in our country today. It seems as though every single day, you hear of some story somewhere in the country regarding another attack, another hate crime, or another fake news story. We have fallen into a dark time where hatred is for some reason all-consuming, and that is where the power of prayer comes into play. Here are 14 issues that you need to be praying about in our great country:



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Most recently, President Trump named Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel, which caused an outpour of rioting and conflict throughout the city. We must continue to pray for peace in that region of the world, and pray for President Trump as he navigates the situation.


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Our government has yet to come to agreements in regard to repealing Obamacare and working to create a healthcare reform throughout the country. We must continue to pray for our government leaders, that they may find a common ground that is both effective and compliant for all American people.

Threat Of Terrorism

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The threat of terrorism throughout the world, and especially for the United States, has become ever increasing, especially over the last few years. We are hearing more and more about ISIS attacks and other threats being announced almost daily, and we must pray that there will be peace throughout the world, and that God will continue to protect us in all circumstances.

The Economy

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Although not a negative issue, we have seen the economy continue to prosper and increase significantly since President Trump has been sworn into office. We must praise God for his blessings even when there are other challenges in the world, and pray that these blessings continue for the American people and the country’s economy for many years to come.

Hate Crimes

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Now more than ever, we are seeing and hearing stories of hate crimes plague our nation. Crimes range from all severities and covering a multitude of various issues, especially that of race, and we must continue to pray for the violence to cease, and for God to help change the hearts of those who find so much hatred and cruelty in the world.

Unemployment Rates

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Similarly with the economy, we have seen our country’s unemployment rates drop significantly since President Trump has taken office. We must continue to pray that these rates will drop and even cease to exist, and that jobs will be available to all individuals who need them and want them.

Illegal Immigration

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President Trump has done everything in his power thus far to stop and prevent illegal immigration in the United States, including the enforcement of travel bans as well as developing a border wall for the Mexican border of the country. We must continue to pray that God will help guide our President to make these important calls, and these decisions will help to increase job creation in our country as well.

Power Within The Government

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As we have often seen, and continue to see, in our government, many authoritative political figures and others who are associated find a significant conflict when it comes to power. We must pray that God will instill in their hearts an understanding and a cease for the need to have this “all-consuming” power that they sometimes crave in the political system.

Political Scandal

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We are, unfortunately, living in a time in our society where there is unnecessary scandal plaguing our political system and otherwise. We must pray that God will rid these political figures, and others as well, of these horrifying ideas that corrupt their minds and their hearts, and that God will give them the guidance to follow the right path.

Tax Reform

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President Trump has recently passed the most substantial tax reform plan that will help to give the American people the money that they so rightly deserve. We must pray that this progress within our country continues to grow, and that these beneficial decisions and laws will continue to be passed by our government for the years to come.

The Environment

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Our country is definitely in conflict with the various occurrences that are happening regarding our environment. We must pray that we as the American people continue to protect our land, and keep it beautiful for the generations that will come after us as well.

Religious Freedom Act

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In recent months, the Trump administration has reversed the Obama administration policies which regarded religious freedom throughout the country. This reversal allows for more freedom for individuals to practice the religions they believe in, and we can only pray that this freedom will continue as the presidency goes on.

Government Spending

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Always a concern on the minds of the American people is the issue of government spending. We must pray that our political and government leaders follow the guidance and the plan that God has for them in order to make the right decisions for our country and for the people who are affected by their deficit every single day.

Social Security

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President Trump has been working in his power to protect programs such as Social Security from cuts dealing with the government’s budget. We must pray that God will help him as he stands his ground regarding these programs for the American people, and that we will see only positive change at the end of it all.