12 Reasons why Bernie Sanders as president would be catastrophic for America

Source: Front Page Mag

Throughout the presidential campaign race, we saw many a candidate attempt to convince us of their dutiful and well thought out strategies for making America a better place for its people. We already know the outcome of the race, and we are convinced that America did indeed make the correct decision in regards to President Trump. However, have you ever thought what it might be like if someone else had won, such as Bernie Sanders? Luckily, that wasn’t the case, and we are here to tell you why it was a good thing it didn’t with 15 reasons why Bernie Sanders would be absolutely catastrophic for America.   


He Jumps The Gun

Source: The Blaze

Senator Bernie Sanders is a self described Democratic Socialist, which of course, does not share the similar perspectives and view points as that of the Conservative Republican side or much of america. While he falls in the “Independent Party” category, he still is much more left leaning in terms of his policies and perspectives.