10 of the biggest differences between Obama and Trump

By jsturgeon - January 12, 2018
Credits: Source: National Review

We are almost through the first year of President Donald Trump’s presidency, and it has been a thrill ride to say the least. There have been, of course, a multitude of differences between the Trump administration and that of the Obama administration, and those differences can be blindingly obvious to many of the American people. We are here to count down the top 10 biggest differences when comparing former President Obama and President Trump.


Trump "Gets Things Done"

Credits: Source: Chicago Tribune

As we have clearly seen during this first year with the Trump administration, President Donald Trump is a man who is determined to get things done to “Make America Great Again”. On the contrary, former President Obama often took a slower, more relaxed approach, and was often indecisive with many situations.

Trump's Anti-Establishment Policies

Credits: Source: IB Times UK

The reason why so many American citizens trusted and supported President Trump during his campaign and so on was because he was the exact opposite of former President Obama. The American people were tired of the current government status and the political scandals that had been dealing with for the past 8 years. In light of this, President Trump as able to stress that he would get things done for the nation, and he has most certainly proven himself in his administration.

Stance On Immigration

Credits: Source: Daily Signal

Former President Obama was open to immigration, even after deporting almost 3 million immigrants during his 8 years in office. However, President Trump strongly disagrees with illegal immigration, and has put forth many executive orders and laws to prevent immigrants from entering the country, including travel bans and building a border wall along the Mexican borderline.

Stance On Unemployment Rates

Credits: Source: New Statesman

The Obama administration proved to have one of the worst economic crises that had occurred within the last few decades, and this, of course, did nothing to help the unemployment rates either. On the contrary, President Trump has lowered unemployment rates to 4.5 percent, and the economy has never been better.

Prioritizing America's Needs

Credits: Source: National Review

From day one of his campaign, President Trump’s goal was to finally prioritize the needs of the American people, and make this country functional and great again. This immediately earned the loyalty of the voters, and the President has most certainly kept all of his promises thus far. This contrasts former President Obama who seemed to not have the needs of the American people within his top priority.

Trump's Tax Reform

Credits: Source: The Tylt

During former President Obama’s terms in office, he often promoted placing higher taxes on the wealthier class with not much to show for it. On the other hand, President Trump has promised and now delivered one of the biggest tax cuts in the history of the country for all individuals.

Stance On Military

Credits: Source: The NY Post

This subject shows a huge difference between both presidents. Former President Obama did not want to expand the military whatsoever, and even opposed interventionism; However, he was responsible for several military operations abroad and was also heavily involved in several wars. President Trump has taken a different approach, believing that the United States should use their military power in necessary circumstances.

Prevention And Potential Elimination Of Terrorism

Credits: Source: Fox Business

There are many viewpoints on this matter, especially in terms of how the Obama administration handled matters regarding terrorism and preventing violent outbursts and extremism. Many believe that, in that sense, President Obama did not do enough to protect the country. However, President Trump in his first year alone has passed 2 executive orders consisting of travel bans which prevent people from 6 Muslim majority countries from entering the country.

Stance On Firearms

Credits: Source: Government Executive

Former President Obama sought to put more limitation on the usage and purchase of firearms throughout the country, thus also limiting the rights of individuals in terms of gun ownership. President Trump, on the other hand, has shown favor in gun ownership and the rights of the American people when it comes to firearms.

Completely Contrast Each Other

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When you compare the two presidents side by side, it is clear to see that President Trump completely contrasts the policies and beliefs that former President Obama placed and promoted throughout his 2 terms in office. By putting our faith in President Trump and his ability to get things done for the American people, we are already seeing much more prosperity and growth than we saw with the Obama administration.