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    • How Well Do You Know Brand Names?

      Companies spend billions of dollars every year to advertise to your subconscious. Over time, you probably picked up some knowledge about brands, logos and advertising just by living in society. We put together a test that will see if you’ve really been paying attention or if those advertising dollars were just wasted on you. Let’s […] More

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      29 Most Influential Preachers of the 20th Century

      Here are 29 of the most recognizable preachers from the 20th century along with two of their most notable quotes from their service in ministry. Their leadership in the Church and their tireless work for the Gospel will speak volumes for centuries to come and will have an eternal impact on countless souls. More

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      30 Verses to Clear Your Mind

      As you read through these verses, let the Scripture clear your mind and find peace in your heart through God’s Word. Each verse carries a thought to help fix your mind on God’s word. Here are 30 verses to help clear your mind and remain focused: More

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      30 Bible Verses to Help With Mood Swings

      In a world of uncertainty and changing circumstances, we are able to turn to God’s Word for timeless truths that inform us. Through these living Scriptures, we can find certainty, peace, and strength in God’s unchanging truths for our daily lives. Here are 30 Bible verses to help with mood swings: More

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      Top 30 Bible Verses About Money

      Throughout the Old and New Testaments we see God’s Word mention many things about “money, profits, silver and gold.” Money is essential for our livelihood but God desires to give us something even better in this life and the next: his lasting Word and abiding love. More

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      30 Ways You Can Serve the Church

      Here are 30 ways anybody, even you, (yes you!), can serve the church! The New Testament describes the church as a family of people adopted together or as a body with different parts depending on each other. Jesus came to serve, not to be served, so we are all gathered together and called to serve […] More

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      Top 30 Verses to Help You Fight Anxiety

      We were meant to live free from the slavery to sin, doubt, fear and doubt. God is our Mighty Redeemer and He has set us free. He wants us to live free in Him and let go of the chains of anxiety that bind us. Here are 30 verses to help you fight anxiety: More

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      30 Bible Verses to Help You Fight Stress

      Are you brokenhearted and hurting? God is there, with you, meeting you where you are and waiting to save you from the darkness and restore you. Turn to Him, cry out to Him, and rest in His presence. He is closer than you think. Here are 30 Bible verses to help you with your stress: More

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      30 Bible Verses to Help You Overcome Fear

      This simple truth is one that God repeats many times in His Word, and for good reason! He is worthy of our trust! He wants to meet us at the heart of our fears and set us free, if we would only let Him. Here are the top 30 Bible Verses to help you overcome your fear: More

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      Top 30 Women of the Bible

      As you may or may not know, the Bible is filled with courageous and exciting women that God used to accomplish His will and plan throughout history. Here is a list of our top 30 women of the Bible: More

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